Back Story

I have always had this undying desire to MAKE SOMETHING!   I wanted to gather supplies, follow instructions and end up with some awesome.  End of story.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It doesn’t work that way.  But it took a really long time to figure that out.

I’m now directly in the middle.  The middle of raising kids (10 and 12 year old girls).  The middle of my fantastic life (I’m 40).  The middle-ish of my marriage (15 glorious years 😉 ).

So as I dive into this online journal I will focus on all that I’m making right now.  I’m building a business that was somewhat unexpected for me.  I’ve been bucking it a little as it’s not the industry I assumed I would be in – I co-own and run a moving company.  As I slowly embrace the awesome opportunity this business is, I plan to document the “making” of it.  #makesabiz

I tend to panic about the fact that I don’t do a lot of creative making right now – knitting, sewing, needlepoint.  But you know why?!   Because I’m cruising Instagram every spare moment to get inspired by all the knitters and sewers I follow –  OH THE IRONY! I’m going to make time to do some creative making even if it’s slow going. #makesallthethings

Making a family – OOF, that’s a big one and SO SO important to me!   I joke about commune living with my nuclear family (Bill and the 2 girls), my parents and my sister – I would LOVE it.  I’ll explore and focus on all the things that make a family.  #makesafamily

My final focus will be on how I’m making some cash.  “But Megan – one of your focuses is already #Meganmakesabiz – isn’t that the same thing?!”  Ah, I would have thought that the same thing 15 years ago – but my opinion has now changed.  Building a business that sustains a staff, a client base and a future takes more time than I would have ever imagined.  While building it, I still want some cash to travel with!  I’m doing that by partnering up with Stella&Dot and KEEP – I freaking LOVE this stuff.  Gifting is one of my favorite things to do – I once had a binder full of all the products my gift store would hold when I opened it.  #makesprezziesales