Making Time to Make

Glitter Vase

I was listening to a podcast on women entrepreneurs who have so many passions and ideas they do not know where to start  -HOLLA!  That’s me, 110%.   So I’m challenging myself from now until whenever I want to stop to take at least 30 minutes each day to MAKE SOMETHING.  There are no other stipulations.  I can make a meal, work on knitting, make a bouquet, needlepoint, draw – it just has to feed my “making” soul.IMG_2258


Diving into an adventure is SO energizing – AFTER you get all the shit together that needs to happen while you’re gone!

Substitute Tap Teacher – CHECK

BNI Substitute – CHECK

Staff armed and ready for the week – CHECK

Detailed driving schedule for all adults handling the kids this week – CHECK

Knitting in your carry on – CHECK CHECK!!

Heading to ALT Summit today and could not be more excited.




I’m knitting mittens.  They will be the coolest damn mittens to ever live.  Since they require 4 double pointed needles in use at all times, I may never finish the mittens.  But while at Air Madness, I will work on the coolest mittens that will ever live.